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What are the chances that a four-day workweek might be headed for the US?

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With the recent findings from the midpoint of the 4-day Week Global trial being released after six months of trialing a four-day week in the UK, there is now science to back up what many have long thought: a four-day workweek can actually be a pretty good deal for employers and employees alike. Here are some key points:

  • 95% of respondents say business productivity has been maintained or improved with 49% reporting “slight” or “significant” improvement. 
  • 88% say that the four-day week is working “well” at this stage
  • On a scale of 1 (extremely challenging) to 5 (extremely smooth), 98% of respondents rated the smoothness of the transition to a shorter week as being a 3 or better, with 19% rating it a 5, 49% rating it a 4, and 20% rating it a 3.
  • 86% say that at this point in the trial, they would be likely or extremely likely to consider moving to a four-day week at the end of the trial period.

Are We Next?
So, what are the chances that a four-day workweek might be headed for the US? Pretty high, if the emerging science has anything to say about it! A four-day week allows employees to have more personal time and time to enjoy their families and hobbies and increases job satisfaction. It encourages companies to help their teams work smarter, not harder, and that downtime makes people more productive when they’re actually at work.

However, it merits trial and assessment to determine which systems and processes might need to be tweaked or changed to accommodate a shorter workweek, plus a deep understanding of how their employees spend their time. The “work smarter, not harder” approach means that processes should be improved and streamlined so that production is maximized–which is great for the team and the company’s bottom line.

Many companies are test-driving or have implemented a four-day workweek–is yours next?


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