Troy Meachum

Troy Meachum, CEO, ACR Supply
ROI Podcast Episode 63

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Troy Meachum is CEO of ACR Supply. ACR Supply Co. was founded in 1977 by L.C. Meachum. Troy joined his father in their small family-held business straight out of college in 1980. Although the company’s market focus is to serve the HVAC/R industry through wholesale distribution, Troy Meachum has gained a passion over the past decade to make a positive difference for Christ in the lives of their employees, their customers, and their vendor partners. To enhance their focus on ministry, ACR has also partnered with Corporate Chaplains of America as well as joining the C12 family.

ACR Supply Company, Inc. is primarily focused in the marketing and wholesale distribution of HVAC/R parts and supplies throughout central North Carolina. We also market various specialty products throughout the southeast. At ACR Supply, we are very intentional in how we go about building the right culture inside of our company. We have worked very hard over the last decade to create a work environment where our team members get up every morning and truly “want” to come to work. We have done this by building a strong foundation founded upon these four cornerstones: Mission, Vision, Values, and Behaviors. As we interact every day with associates, customers and vendor partners, we do so by keeping these four cornerstones in mind. It’s what everyone sees, hears, and experiences when they come in contact with ACR Supply.

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