Steve Cunningham

Steve Cunningham, CEO,
ROI Podcast Episode 56

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Steve Cunningham is the founder and CEO of Growing up, Steve Cunningham’s father demonstrated successful entrepreneurship, instilled a life-long passion for learning in him, and helped him learn to not mistake activity for productivity. Steve graduated from Western University with a law degree and after a single week as a lawyer, knew it wasn’t his passion. He moved on to the family signage business and understanding one role wouldn’t be enough to satisfy his goals; he started a fledgling marketing agency as well.

As his new business grew, Steve’s personal development reading habit also increased. Knowing he had to show, rather than tell, how social media could help potential clients’ marketing efforts, Steve created an animated video to break down some of his favorite books into easily digestible formats, and a social media viral sensation was born. Steve continued honing his marketing capabilities with three thirty while nurturing his other fledgling company creates beautiful 12-minute videos and workshops utilizing and detailing the best business and personal development books in the world. A born entrepreneur, Steve Cunningham also publishes a daily podcast and blog and still finds time to read a book a day.

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