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Sean Taylor, Founder and CEO, Up to Par Management & Taylor Hospitality
ROI Podcast Episode 95

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Sean Taylor is Founder & CEO of Up to Par Management and Taylor Hospitality. He is a dedicated resort operations leader and PGA member with more than 20 years of experience. He has a clear understanding that service is the cornerstone of club/resort operations and his leadership philosophy is centered on exceeding the needs of the guests and members while driving superior financial performance. Sean Taylor founded Taylor Hospitality and Up to Par Management after identifying a market need for solutions-oriented business practices. Sean focuses on optimizing property-wide processes with Six Sigma initiatives as well as enhancing associate engagement through management training programs.

About Up to Par Management:

Founded by Sean Taylor, Up to Par Management, LLC began in 2009 as a hospitality and sports marketing firm. After building a portfolio of 60 clients, we quickly recognized that we were developing fabulous brands, but our ideas were not being heard by the management team. With that in mind, we transitioned our business model to include managing the properties we were marketing. With this added service, we felt more confident we would be able to help our clients perform significantly better.

Today, Up To Par Management, LLC is a leading club and resort management company specializing in golf, country club, and hospitality operations through it’s Taylor Hospitality brand. Currently, Up to Par Management oversees operations for two country clubs, two residential golf clubs, two resort golf courses, and consults with residential golf communities through the continental US. The Taylor Hospitality brand oversees two hotels and seven restaurants with over twenty special events spaces. Up To Par is a growth-oriented company providing opportunities for its partner properties and associates.

Up To Par exists to create success for its clients and customers through a philosophy of continuous improvement, operational excellence and flawless execution achieved through a culture of financial discipline, safety, and community and environmental stewardship that develops and delivers innovative solutions, while providing a dynamic and challenging environment for its associates.



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