Exciting Announcement: RENEW Executive Search to Launch New Podcast!

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The global energy system is undergoing a huge transition, and perhaps the most notable change is that renewable energy is no longer for the idealistic few but has become mainstream for many—both in terms of top of mind and the bottom line. In more and more locations, renewable energy is now cheaper than conventional energy like oil, gas and coal. The challenges are no longer those of an early-stage industry, so as these companies forge a way forward, we want to share their remarkable stories with you.

RENEW Executive Search is bringing global renewable CEOs, industry business consultants and other subject matter experts forward who are driving this energy transition from traditional energy sources to solar, wind and hydro power as well as battery storage to a new weekly podcast. We have invited some of the top renewable industry minds to share how they are overcoming the challenges they encounter in bringing the industry mainstream while helping to deliver a better tomorrow.

We welcome those both inside and outside the renewables sector who want to listen to this exciting new podcast launching in January 2020.  You will learn more about how this fast-growing industry is rapidly changing and creating incredible opportunities for growth, profits, and careers—and you will be surprised by many of the developing trends!


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