Mike Sharrow, CEO, The C12 Group
ROI Podcast Episode 41

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Mike Sharrow serves as the President & CEO for The C12 Group as well as serving on the Board of Directors. Mike originally joined The C12 Group as a member in 2010 when he owned a healthcare management consulting practice and was serving as a pastor at Grace Point Church (San Antonio, TX). In 2011 he joined the local franchise as a full-time associate chairman serving dozens of CEOs across the local market. In 2013 he and a partner acquired the greater Central Texas franchise and grew it to a team of 8 full-time chairmen serving over 130 local leaders. In 2016 Mike was selected to be the 3rd steward for The C12 Group’s global vision.

Prior to his role with The C12 Group Mike worked in a variety of industry settings including Walgreens Health Initiatives, Gliemi & Company, TQ Strategies, Health by Design and Grace Point Church, yielding a blend of Fortune 50, SMB and non-profit leadership experiences. It was in 2004 that God first revealed to Mike the “sacred versus secular” divide he had been operating under and began to draw him into the adventure of living one life in Christ with work as worship, business as ministry and all of life as mission. Mike grew up in Alaska and met his wife (Jacqui) while in college at Trinity International University (TIU) in Chicago where they married in 2002. They have 2 daughters, Elayna and Sophia.

Mike Sharrow graduated from TIU with a degree in marketing, did graduate work at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS) in theology, Loyola Graduate School of Business in project management, and is an ordained pastor. Mike is passionate about discipleship, Gospel-driven collaborations, foster care, and integrated missional strategies. He believes The C12 Group represents a breathtaking platform to see leaders, families, businesses, communities and eventually nations flourish through ongoing transformation in Christ.

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