Matt Carter

Matt Carter, CEO, Aryaka
ROI Podcast Episode 105

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Matt Carter is a cloud and technology industry veteran, leading Aryaka’s long-term market strategy and day-to-day operations while guiding the company’s vision for an increasingly connected world. Prior to this role, Matt served as President and CEO of Inteliquent Inc, a publicly traded provider of cloud-based networking services for global enterprises, which was successfully acquired by GCTR, a Chicago-based PE firm.

Matt previously held a series of executive positions with Sprint Corporation where he successfully led several of its major businesses. This includes serving as President of the Sprint Enterprise Solutions business that provided a diversified portfolio of communication platforms to companies in over 165 countries globally. He also served as President of Boost Mobile, a leading provider of no-contract wireless services.

Matt Carter earned his master’s degree in general management from Harvard Business School and his bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University.

For years Aryaka has consistently been among the highest rated vendors in the industry, in peer review surveys conducted annually by Gartner. This is consistently demonstrated across all geographies. Aryaka is the only technology vendor that delivers a fully managed service offering, making these responses from customers even more meaningful.

“All-in-One” Integrated Experience for SD-WAN and SASE:

Bringing Together Technology, Global Backbone and Managed Services

The traditional approach of Enterprise customers to buying technology from one vendor, and working with Telcos, Carriers, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and System Integrators to make it into a consumable offering often results in lengthy deployment times, complex contracts and cumbersome troubleshooting with finger pointing when things go wrong. All this hinders agility and results in a sub-par experience. This problem gets compounded during global deployments.

Aryakas unique and most modern approach brings together its proprietary network and security technologies, a global network, a multi-cloud POP-based architecture and a flexible managed service offering to provide customers with a seamless, integrated experience with full accountability!




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