Mary Jesse

Mary Jesse, CEO, MTI
ROI Podcast Episode 224

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Mary joined the MTI team in 2020 as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and in January 2021, she joined the MTI Board of Directors. She has an extensive background as a passionate business leader and operational expert. She brings 30 years of experience developing, commercializing, delivering, and supporting technology-related products, services, and companies. She values integrity, a purpose-driven and compassionate company culture, sustainability, and diversity as key factors in every company’s success and leads consistently with these values. Mary has served as CEO, CTO, COO, CSO, VP, board director, board chair, founder, consultant, and advisor for private and public companies from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 across a variety of industries. A licensed Professional Electrical Engineer, P.E., Ms. Jesse holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering, and nineteen technology-related patents.

She is a frequent advisor, speaker, and writer on technology, innovation, and diversity, and is passionate about supporting underserved populations in STEM, technology, and business.

About MTI:
At MTI, our mission is #MakingLivesBetter for our customers, their customers, our employees, and our communities. Our business is built on uplifting our clients and helping them be their best with products and services delivered globally that provide the highest value and quality. We extend our commitment of service and compassion to the communities we serve and importantly, to our own employees. As everyone in our world can tell you, interacting with MTI means interacting with a partner who cares about your goals and seeks to lift all ships.


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