Lilian Radke

Lilian Radke, CEO, Unic Pro
ROI Podcast Episode 65

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Lilian Radke is from Brazil and was invited by the University of Arkansas to come to the United States with a full scholarship for playing volleyball. During her last year in college, she met her husband that is also from Brazil but who has lived in Massachusetts for 25 years. In 2006, her husband started a commercial cleaning company in Worcester, MA with a partner that had another company in Boston. In 2009, they split the partnership because of different values. She left her job as sales manager and started working with the company full time. At that time, the company had only four accounts. When her husband started another business with his brother, Lilian Radke became 100% owner of Unic Pro, which became a women-owned business. Now, Unic Pro cleans 144 buildings in MA, RI, and southern NH.

As a family-owned business, Unic Pro Inc. understands the daily commercial cleaning needs of the local communities in New England and Central Florida. We grew our commercial cleaning business from the ground up by consistently outperforming the local commercial cleaning benchmarks set by our competitors. With strong attention to detail, and comprehensive cleaning services, including green cleaning commercial services, we pride ourselves on consistently delivering the highest quality cleaning.

Our customers choose us because:

  • We are privately owned, and our principals are actively involved in the business.
  • We are highly responsive to customer requests.
  • We emphasize attention to detail.
  • We have loyal, long-term customers who will provide exceptional references.
  • We have highly trained cleaning technicians.
  • We have Quality Control Supervisors on site
  • We create customized cleaning plans.
  • We offer exceptional quality floor care plans.
  • Our work is consistently at the highest level of performance.
At Unic Pro Inc. we are always striving to improve and offer more to our customers. By being a Unic Pro Inc. customer, you can rest assured that your facility will always be clean and your feedback and suggestions will always be considered. We feel that our customers are an extension of us. Just as we want to be happy and satisfied going to work every day, we want our customers to feel the same way in their facility. Come discover the Unic Pro Inc. advantage today.

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