John Temple

John Temple, CEO, Guideposts
ROI Podcast Episode 174

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John Temple is the President and CEO of Guideposts, a national non-profit organization that promotes hope, faith, and prayer in people’s lives. Guideposts reaches millions of people to build a more hopeful and positive world united in understanding,  empathy, and compassion. Under John’s leadership,  Guideposts has grown from its publishing roots into a digital-first organization where the spiritual needs of the Guideposts community are being served through a combination of apps,  communities, websites, outreach, and publications. 

Prior to Guideposts, John served as the founder and Chief of the Human Trafficking Response Unit at the Manhattan District  Attorney’s Office in New York City. John worked to form the unit in recognition of the devastating impact that human trafficking has on its victims and their families. Under his leadership, the unit developed innovative approaches to combat trafficking on a domestic and international scale. His holistic vision brought together diverse stakeholders to build the anti-trafficking community across multiple disciplines,  geographies, and industries.  

John Temple has lectured both within the U.S. and internationally on human trafficking for foreign delegations, members of law enforcement, the legal community, non-profits, and other governmental agencies. He has been recognized for his anti-trafficking work as one of New York’s “New Abolitionists” and is the recipient of the Thomas E. Dewey Medal for outstanding prosecutors. 

From 2012 to 2016, John taught courses on human trafficking and constitutional law at Fordham University. He graduated from the University of Rochester in 1998 and from Brooklyn Law School in 2003. 



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