Jeff Clapper, CEO, 8th & Walton

Jeff Clapper, CEO, 8th & Walton
ROI Podcast Episode 37

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Jeff Clapper has been owner and CEO of 8th & Walton since 2013. 8th & Walton located across the street from Walmart’s Home Office in Bentonville, Arkansas, helps consumer product companies succeed at Walmart and Sam’s Club by providing expert-led services and education. Jeff’s retail career began in magazine publishing, as the Newsstand Sales Director for Pack-O-Fun, Inc, a 55-year-old publisher of 6 consumer crafting magazines, calling on key national retail accounts including Walmart. He later led the $11MM business as the publisher and independently brokered its sale to Amos Press, Inc. in 2006. In 2007, Jeff raised $1.2MM to launch Gimme Golf, an online golf video game, which he sold to San Francisco-based World Golf Tour in 2010.

Jeff Clapper attended Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, Ohio, where he studied economics, philosophy, and music. He enjoys playing piano, riding his bicycle throughout downtown Bentonville, and spending time with his wife and their two young children.

About 8th & Walton:

Ours is a strong team, one built on respect and trust. Each of us places a high value on honesty, excellence, determination, and a positive attitude. Without exception, every member eagerly strives to delight each client. Beneath all that dedication and hard work is a foundation of humility and gratitude.

With over 280 years of combined Walmart and Walmart supplier experience, the best-in-class staff of 8th & Walton has made it the gold standard for education, training, and advisory services for Walmart suppliers.

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