Gary Archer

Gary Archer, President & CEO, Let’s Play Sports
ROI Podcast Episode 77

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Gary Archer is President & CEO of Let’s Play Sports, and he has only had 4 jobs in his lifetime. A job doing grunt work for a cabinet maker for 3 months, a tour guide in Costa Rica for 9 months, a cashier at K-mart for 1 year and an indoor soccer employee for 28 years. Let’s Play Sports owns and operates indoor soccer facilities across the United States, with 24 locations in 10 different States. The company has grown from a single location in 1986 earning less than $300,000 per year and employing 20 people to over $15 million in 2019 employing 300 and sub-contracting an additional 500 people. Let’s Play Sports provides recreational soccer leagues for Men, Women, Coed and Youth teams. Our goal is to provide people the opportunity to exercise, develop friendships and play the World’s Greatest Game.


Jesus made a transformational impact in Gary‘s life at age 30 while attending a Catholic University. The result of which lead him to question his calling and role in an organization filled with calamity. Since then Christ has provided a road map for his will in and through Gary‘s life as a President, Father and Friend. Gary Archer has an amazing wife, Loie, three children Jorge 26, Clea 12, and Maren 11, and one grandson J.J. 2.

The Let’s Play Sports team is a group of inclusive and competitive people dedicated to creating joy and igniting meaningful relationships through our common passion for the beautiful game.

We have been in business since 1987. We currently own and operate indoor soccer facilities in Colorado, Texas, Utah, Idaho, Kansas, Oklahoma, California, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio and we’re continuing to grow!


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