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Dan Floen, President & Co-Founder, PM2
ROI Podcast Episode 176

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Dan Floen is the co-founder and President of PM2, a services and consulting firm specializing in repair parts inventory for a broad array of business sectors.  

He lives in the Tampa Bay area with his wife, Julie, and their daughter, Laurel, who recently graduated from college.   

Dan is an avid fisherman, and he says the idea to launch PM2 was born on his boat back in 2001.  Since then, God has brought Dan on an amazing and miraculous journey which included financial ruin, a death sentence, and the ultimate breaking of Dan’s will.  Through it all, God protected him, provided for him, and grew Dan’s faith and obedience to become a better follower of Jesus.  Today, Dan says he sees himself as a fisher of men, in training; a fisherman’s apprentice as it were.  In fact, he’s just written a book called Fisherman’s Apprentice – The Making Of A Fisher Of Men and it’s already made number one bestseller on Amazon.

He is a graduate of the University of Nebraska with a Bachelor of Journalism degree.

About PM2: PM2 focuses on building a solid foundation upon which your company can meet its storeroom inventory management objectives and future growth. We provide quality solutions for a wide range of industries and have applied time-tested inventory management principles to meet a vast array of management challenges. Whether your material management needs are large or small. PM2 delivers high quality solutions to help you achieve your objectives and produce real cost savings.