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Craig Handley, Co-Founder, ListenTrust
ROI Podcast Episode 183

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Craig Handley is co-founder of ListenTrust. Craig is an expert in Hispanic Marketing, Direct Response Marketing, and Sales and Brand expansion, Handley is the CEO and founder of the hugely successful “Listen Up Espanol,” which was named #1 in Business Products and Service (#27 overall) on Inc. Magazine’s 500/5000 list.

Handley’s businesses employ over 1,000 employees and have cumulatively done over 500 million in sales within the last five years to Hispanics in the USA.

Craig started his professional career as a paperboy, winning a contest to go to Disney for most new subscribers at the age of 13, he followed up with 3 years of door-to-door insurance sales, where he again won the companies highest award 8 times. He worked in a call center in telephone sales and again was one of 3 employees (Out of 950) selling over a million dollars a year in product. A respected advisor for hundreds of brands, products, and services in almost every category, he has also contributed articles and been interviewed for leading marketing and business magazines, blogs and podcasts and he’s spoken at conferences, company retreats, seminars, and private masterminds.

Craig also served five years in the U.S. Army infantry during the first Iraqi war, leaving with an honorable discharge. Handley studied voice and piano in college. He has written and produced hundreds of songs, from rap to pop to ballads to humorous parodies, and even opened for Coolio and hosted the Adult Entertainment Awards. In 2010 he turned down a record deal because it would have been “a pay cut” from his profitable businesses – and the required tour schedule didn’t leave him enough time for his kids. A devoted family man, he danced his way into his wife’s heart with his “running man” and his practiced rendition of “the worm” and is also the father of five and a boy named Josh. He believes that with faith and a little courage, anything is possible.


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