Chase Harmer

Chase Harmer, Founder, Wishes
ROI Podcast Episode 301

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Chase Harmer is the founder of Wishes. After receiving a full track and field scholarship to Cal Poly in 1998, he decided to attend another college called “The School of Hard Knocks” and started his first business in the payments industry at 19. That business would eventually become a 40 million per year business before Chase was 32.

As the founder at Wishes, he and his team have focused on the biggest problems in the charitable giving space today by making donations for social impact instant, fully transparent, tax-deductible, and rewarding, in addition to delivering funds to recipients 10X faster than any competitor in the market. At Wishes, they are passionate about redefining the charitable giving experience and creating a more connected future for all humanity.

Prior to Wishes, Chase Harmer spent seven years as the founder at ProfitPay, which was acquired by the travel platform OnRiva. As a non-tech founder, ProfitPay was the single greatest challenge of his career and he learned more meaningful lessons in those seven years than the combined 27 previously. ProfitPay was a massive product, with many moving parts, hundreds of employees, and partners which had us moving 100 mph at all times. The end product delivered an all-in-one platform that included payments, a proprietary gateway, and card issuing tech with integrated fraud prevention which made payments centralized, easy, and more secure for online stores and marketplaces.

Chase has spent nearly three decades in payments and has built products and infrastructure on both the acquiring and issuing sides. Chase brings a diverse and rare perspective from his time in the trenches, producing positive outcomes for connected partners and internal stakeholders.

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