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Bruce Scheer, CEO,
ROI Podcast Episode 284

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Bruce Scheer is the CEO of

Bruce’s Bio:
A friend from the industry asked me “What’s your why?” The problem was, he asked me on LinkedIn in front of thousands of viewers! Yes, panic set in and it spun me into some deeper reflection and a concerted look-back into how I’ve helped others in business and personal circles in ways that were deeply personal for me. After deep soul searching coupled with constructive outside perspective, I was able to land on my “why” – to inspire others to inspire others.

I have been given the privilege of working with thousands of b2b leaders, sellers and marketers each year for over two decades in helping them inspire their buyers. It’s a source of immense personal joy for me when I can help others up their game in ways they weren’t able to before. On the business side, the role I’ve played can be characterized as “sales and marketing enablement,” and I’ve done this with and for business, product, sales, and marketing leaders and the organizations they serve for many of the world’s largest global businesses including Microsoft, Oracle, HP, Citibank, and McKesson.

My clients have rewarded me, my colleagues, and my business partners with repeat business, the ability to quickly grow revenues landing my firm on the fastest-growing company list 2 years in a row, and winning industry awards including HP’s Marketing Circle of Excellence and the Corporate Executive Board’s Marketing Campaign of the Year. I’ve been a keynote speaker for very large corporate events including Microsoft’s CIO Summit, and a guest speaker and educator for associations, business roundtables and in-company events and ongoing programs across all major continents.

Note: Bruce Scheer holds both an undergrad and an MBA from the University of Oregon. 

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