Arman Sadeghi

Arman Sadeghi, CEO, Titanium Marketing
ROI Podcast Episode 73

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Arman Sadeghi is CEO of Titanium Marketing. Heis a published author, keynote speaker, entrepreneur and philanthropist. As the author of The Business Bible, CEO of 6 companies, a business coach, motivational speaker, husband and father, he enjoys working hard to help everyone around him reach their full potential. His passion is to educate executives and to help companies thrive. Arman is passionate about changing people’s lives for the better and helping CEOs organize and develop their business environment. When he is not working with other CEOs, Arman Sadeghi is growing the various businesses he has developed over the last 2 decades.

About Titanium Marketing:
Titanium Marketing is for you if:

  • You’re an established business owner who experiences modest success through word of mouth, and you think investing in an Internet marketing company is what you need to increase your revenue.
  • You’re an aspiring entrepreneur who knows investing in a strong digital marketing strategy is crucial for generating buzz at the startup phase.
  • You’re a powerful professional who wants to build their online reputation by showing off your subject matter expertise.

Do one or more of these describe you? Perfect.

With so many internet marketing companies to choose from, you need to know why you can trust Titanium Marketing with the keys to your marketing strategy.

Arman Sadeghi, the founder of Titanium Marketing, founded his first business when he was 16. Six successful business later, Arman started Titanium Marketing as a way to share the marketing strategies he used to grow his businesses with fellow entrepreneurs looking to invest in upgrading their online marketing.

Arman’s results-first focus is the foundation of the Titanium Marketing philosophy. Every decision is directly related to increasing ROI. We are methodical in measuring key performance metrics and tweaking our strategies constantly to get you the best results.


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