ready to hire the best, think passively

Ready To Hire The Best? Think Passively!

In Leadership Resources by Brandt A. Handley

Finding and attracting qualified candidates has completely changed in the last few generations. Print ads might have brought in a consistent wave of potential employees in the past. And, online resources used to be great repositories. Now, both are becoming increasingly obsolete.

As the economy and job market have contracted, employees have endured many instances of career instabilities. Therefore, they’ve changed the way they evaluate potential employers. And, a huge shift has occurred in the age and makeup of today’s workforce. So, it’s no wonder the process of finding, hiring and keeping talented employees has to change and adapt! Your Middle Market organization can benefit greatly from pursuing relationships with passive candidates.

Why Are Passive Candidates So Desirable?

Passive candidates aren’t trolling job boards or posting their resume to multiple aggregator sites. The difference between a passive candidate and immobile employees is significant. Passive candidates may not be working on finding a new job but they will at least evaluate and be enticed by the right role.

What makes passive candidates so impressive?

  • They tend to be more highly qualified and upwardly mobile.
  • Passive candidates are already employed and are successful assets to their current employers.
  • They know what they want & won’t waste anyone’s time on positions that aren’t right.
  • They are more selective in the positions they interview for & accept.
  • How Can Your Middle Market Organization Find And Attract Passive Candidates?

    Finding and connecting with candidates who aren’t actively job searching might sound like a nearly impossible task. However, it can be quite easy – but not necessarily as fast as you might like.

    Think about the organizations, networks, and associations your ideal hire will likely be a part of. Next, analyze where they might spend their free time or what types of activities they’d participate in.

    You should think about cultivating a talent funnel and connections that will help you find passive candidates for years to come. Considering who and what you want to attract, you could find matching school programs or networking connections that will recommend ideal candidates to you.

    You also might need to develop a long relationship with someone before they would consider coming to your organization, so maintaining an active networking schedule with key organizations is key.

    How To Entice Passive Candidates

    Passive candidates aren’t going to jump at a few extra dollars or a lateral move – they are only going to make a move for a juicy reason. So, your position, organization, and opportunities will need to be top-notch. And, you’ll need to know how to position it in a way that makes it irresistible.

    Being clear on the exact type of candidate you want to find and knowing precisely what they will find attractive is vital. Consider what benefits, compensation, and potential for growth you’ll need to have in place before you attempt to connect with passive candidates.

    Employer branding will also be key – fantastic passive candidates will be extremely picky, so make sure you have a good reputation as an employer.

    If your Middle Market firm is ready to take the necessary steps, finding and attracting passive candidates can be the hiring difference your organization needs.

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