Power of Prioritizing God

The Power of Prioritizing God: Integrating Faith into Business

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For business leaders of faith, the conventional measures of success come after the most important priority: God. By prioritizing God first and integrating faith into their business practices, they are tapping into a deeper source of guidance, purpose, and fulfillment.

Faith as a Guide
At the core of integrating faith into business is the recognition that spiritual principles can inform and enrich every aspect of professional life. By prioritizing God first, business leaders are acknowledging their dependence on a higher power and seeking divine wisdom in their decision-making processes. This often involves practices such as prayer, meditation, and reflection, which help them align their actions with their faith and values.

For Todd Stewart, CEO of Gulf Winds International, it started with sharing his faith identity wherever he went–including at work. “I was so convicted that other people needed to know Christ and just the joy and the peace that he had brought to me personally. So I literally started sharing. That started with just small conversations with people at the office. And amazingly, people [were interested!]” Bringing faith to work helped him integrate those two very important parts of his life together.

Putting God First
Others we’ve spoken to talk about the priority shift that happens when God comes first. It can be easy to put money and recognition and material success first, but as John Clancy put it “Be very, very careful.” He describes his story of extreme financial success working for Stratton Oakmont as a “cautionary one,” since it actually led down a pretty terrible path. “Where it got me was almost hell on earth.”

Instead, John (now CEO of Planet Gyms Midwest) counsels listeners to push “money down the list. At the top of the list is Jesus Christ, down the line is family, and down the line just as a consequence of your obedience to the cross and to the Father would be money. If you put money at the top, it will always end poorly.”

An added effect of reorganizing priorities that, for many, integrating faith into all aspects of life, including business, encourages a mindset of abundance rather than scarcity. Instead of viewing success as a zero-sum game where one must outcompete others to prosper, business leaders who prioritize God first embrace principles of generosity, collaboration, and service to others. They understand that by blessing others through their business endeavors, they too will be blessed abundantly in return.

Around 39 years of age,” says Angela Ball, CEO of Hearts for Moms. “Everything just turned around my world was just flipped upside down. My priorities became God then my family and then everything else. I knew that there was a calling that I knew that was missing in my life.” That calling eventually became Hearts for Moms, the nonprofit she founded and leads today that is making a difference in so many families’ lives.

Responsibility, Stewardship, and Success
Another significant aspect of integrating faith into business is the emphasis on stewardship and responsibility. Recognizing that all resources – financial, human, and natural – are ultimately entrusted to them by God, business leaders are called to manage these resources wisely and sustainably. This includes practicing good corporate citizenship, promoting environmental stewardship, and investing in initiatives that benefit the broader community.

For Todd, this starts with making sure that he, as a leader, is getting to know people from all over the company. “The more you can [serve others], the higher your organization will go. I really think as you take care of the people at the bottom of the organizational chart, that really dictates how high you can be.”

“God does not want us to fail economically. God does not want us to live in poverty.” Angela reminds us, to use our gifts to serve others in a way that everyone prospers. “To really understand what our gifts are and then match that up with passion.

Integrating faith into business by prioritizing God first offers a transformative approach to leadership and success. By aligning their professional endeavors with their spiritual beliefs and values, business leaders can create organizations that are not only financially successful but also grounded in integrity, compassion, and service to others. In doing so, they unlock a deeper sense of purpose, fulfillment, and meaning in their work, ultimately redefining what it means to be truly successful in the world of business.

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