meet your #1 priority during organization changes

How To Meet Your # 1 Priority During Organization Changes

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Organization structure changes can be necessary or appealing for several reasons. Your Middle Market organization may realize great benefits in the process. However, org changes are usually scary or frustrating to your employees in some capacity.

Not every team member will come to view your organizational shifts with a positive outlook. But, your executive teams and leadership can help to ease everyone through the process.

Your # 1 Priority – Keeping Employees Informed & Engaged

Upper leadership and the C-Suite may recognize and even welcome the need to shift your organizational structure. However, it’s possible many employees don’t share those views. Change is difficult and a certain percentage of your employees strongly dislike change no matter what it is.

Before you embark on any restructuring process, your first priority should be to make sure your employees are kept informed and engaged in the process. Your employees will generally be happier and more accepting if they feel they are part of the process.

Starting The Conversation

Your executive team and top leaders will be working on organizational changes well before the planned implementation, but employees likely have no inkling about what is planned. The sooner you share your plans, the sooner employees can begin working through the frustration and acceptance phases.

Before decisions are made, try to get employee feedback about the current structure and suggestions for improvements.

Ideally, hold your conversations in person or through video conferences. They’ll go over better than sending an email or pre-recorded messages. Be sure to provide an appealing ‘why’ for changes and highlight how they will positively impact the workplace and employees. While the changes may make sense for your Middle Market company’s performance or bottom line, most employees will be more focused (at least initially) on how they will be impacted.

Make sure your C-Suite, leadership, and management are on the same page about communications and you have plenty of time for all questions.

Continuing Communication

Once you’ve shared the reorganization plans across your Middle Market firm, you should have a plan in place to regularly meet with teams and provide updates on a consistent basis. Depending on the scope and timeline, you may decide on monthly meetings and weekly newsletter updates. Or you may feel like different groups and teams will benefit from meeting independently. Prioritize communication during this time.

Take employee suggestions to heart. Don’t take up their time to provide their feedback if you aren’t going to use the data. It’s a waste to everyone and a sure way to make people feel their voice isn’t being heard or taken seriously.

Whenever possible, have employees from across your teams become involved in the process. You can have them form or join key committees or even just a group dedicated to gathering suggestions and feedback.

Things To Keep In Mind

When you embark on a company-wide org restructuring, there are a few things vital to success.

  • Make sure all management and leaders understand the key and core messages to communicate and that you provide them all necessary tools to keep your communications and conversations consistent.
  • Communicate early, often and more than you anticipate needing to.
  • The quicker you able to engage your employees in the process, the easier time you will have of gaining their acceptance and cooperation.
  • Org structure changes touch every part of your internal business and teams and should be given a huge amount of attention. Keeping your Middle Market employees educated and engaged will help smooth the path for your restructuring.

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