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How To Be A Leader Employees Want To Follow Into Anything

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In your Middle Market organization, you’ve surely realized effective, well-received leaders get further, provoke more change and gain better results from their employees. It may seem like they have an elusive mix of charisma and strengths and some of your leaders may struggle to be as successful. Do you think it’s a fairy tale to tap into exactly what makes a phenomenal leader that employees like, look up to and can’t wait to follow? All you need to know is what motivational, supportive & successful leaders have in common!

Fantastic Leaders Are Great Listeners And Observers

Truly successful leaders will tell you they got where they were by being curious, asking the right questions, taking the temperature of their organizations regularly and by always listening and observing. The more you listen and the less you talk, the more likely you are to learn something.

Fantastic Leaders Are Understanding And Flexible

Really good leaders know plans are only the backbone or structure of your success. Things happen, employees leave or have to be absent, markets shift, problems come up, etc. In an ever-changing world being understanding and flexible mean you can quickly shift and adapt when something comes up. Instead of hoping something never happens, be ready for it and know how to quickly pivot (by being prepared for alternate situations) so your organization can view issues as speed bumps rather than brick walls.

Fantastic Leaders Lift People Up And Correct Rather Than Criticize

Certainly, there have been leaders of companies and countries that led through fear and got results. But, if you want employees to like and respect rather than fear you, don’t lead through intimidation. When someone is successful or has a win, make sure you thank them and call attention to it. When missteps and mistakes occur, don’t ignore them, but also don’t use it as a reason to “catch” someone up. View issues as learning opportunities and make sure employees know you are aware they did what they could with what they had.

Fantastic Leaders Say What They Mean And Mean What They Say

Being really clear about what you want, expect and need to see and making sure you effectively communicate that is key in being a great leader. No one can follow you if you don’t know your path. When you say something, mean it and stand by it. Believing your word and knowing you’ll stick to it is vital for trust and respect.

Fantastic Leaders Share Success And Failure Equally And Help Others Succeed

Leaders who spread the love and the regrets equally show employees that anyone can make a mistake and everyone has a part to play in winning. Make sure every employee knows how they contribute to your Middle Market firm’s success and potential breakdown points.

On that same vein, show how you help individuals succeed. Be vocal in your desire for team building and company growth as well as for individuals. Offer opportunities to learn from you, interact with you and be given advice by you.

The more you can show you are part of the team and not just the person at the top of the food chain, the more accepted and well-received you’ll be.

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