Are you loving on your people and customers?

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Stop Negativity In Your Middle Market Workplace Before It Spreads

Every company, no matter what they do, who they serve or what size they are, at some point will have a negative employee.


Lilian Radke, CEO, Unic Pro
ROI Podcast Episode 65

Lilian Radke is from Brazil and was invited by the University of Arkansas to come to the United States with a full scholarship for playing volleyball. On her last year in college, she met her husband that is also from Brazil, who lives in MA for 25 years. In 2006, her husband started a commercial cleaning company in Worcester MA with a partner that had another company in Boston. In 2009, they split the partnership because of different values. She left her job as sales manager and start working with the company full time.


How Midsized Companies Adaptive Leadership: Making 2019 Your Best Year Ever! Team ROI Webinar No. 21 with Dr. Jeremy Lurey

Dr. Jeremy Lurey joined us again to talk about how to make 2019 your best year ever through adaptive leadership. Thank you, Jeremy, for sharing your great with us today.
Jeremy has shared his presentation, which you can download here.


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