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New CEO? Advice To Start Your Career Journey Off Right

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If you’re a new CEO, you likely have been working towards this goal for many years. Everything you’ve done thus far has been to help you achieve your position. So, you may feel as though you are at the pinnacle of your career. While that feeling is phenomenal, it can be short-lived. It may be replaced by doubt, feelings of being over or underwhelmed and a general malaise. You may find at some time you’ll think “Is this really it and is it what I wanted?” In the Middle Market, CEOs still need support and advice.

Your Peer Group Shrinks

When you climb higher on the corporate and success ladder, you’ll see you have fewer peers and mentors. It isn’t necessarily lonely at the top, certainly. But it can be harder to find people who share the same experiences. Or, that you can go to for advice or to bounce ideas off. You can help prepare for this by finding connections before you are exactly ready for them. If you want to be a CEO, finding a mentor that you can learn from is a great way to have at least one peer in the future. You’ll get advice on how to progress in your career. Plus, when you do make it to CEO level, they can continue to help you refine your skills and abilities. Also, ask your mentor for referrals to groups or organizations that can provide support and insight. And, find out if they know of other new CEOs that you could connect with.

Realize Now That Money Doesn’t Make You Happy

Certainly, a perk of career growth is a larger salary and more financial perks. And becoming a CEO in the Middle Market probably ensures a bigger paycheck. But, money isn’t everything. If a major motivating factor in your growth is money, you might be sorely disappointed. CEOs have massive responsibilities and wear many hats. So, you might find while the income is nice, it doesn’t make up for frustrations you have if you don’t really enjoy the role. Make sure what you value or want in a CEO role aligns with your goals and then the money will be a nice cherry on top.

It Doesn’t Get Easier When You Climb The Ladder

When you started your career, did you look up to CEOs or other executives and feel like they must have it easy? After all, the lower parts of the organization did most of the work right? If you still carry that thought in your head and imagine the CEO position will suddenly be less work, you’re going to be disappointed. Yes, the responsibilities and day to day tasks might change, but certainly CEOs work just as hard as anyone else in the organization. Maybe it’s more strategic and cerebral now, but it isn’t going to be easy street. Make sure before you become a CEO you are completely realistic with what the job will entail and how many hours you’ll put in.

Having someone who can shine a light on what a CEO does and how the weight of responsibility feels will be key in making sure you are happy with your role. If you have already accepted the role and have some misgivings, it may be time to speak with a career coach, professional development expert or even a counselor. Getting some perspective and advice could make the difference between you being miserable and being ready to tackle your new role.

Whether you just accepted your first CEO role or are actively working towards one, being aware of the challenges and mindset shifts that come with the territory is essential for you to be happy and productive.

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